Postage Stamps of:

abstract art agriculture air mail aircraft Alfonso XIII architecture army art art nouveau astrophilately athletics baroque beneficence birds boats booklet Botticelli Boucher Braque bridges Bronzino Brueghel bullfighting Cassatt castles cathedrals catholic kings cats ceramics Cervantes Cezanne Chagall Chardin chess childhood christmas cinema circus civil war cloisonnism coat of arms Columbus comic Correggio costumes Cranach cross of lorraine cubism cycling Da Vinci Dalí dance Degas Delacroix dogs Don Quixote doves Dürer early renaissance easter El Greco elephants error europa-cept expo express expressionism fauna fauvism FDC felines Fernando II first flight fishes flags flora flowers flute Franco Frans Hals frescoes Gainsborough gastronomy Gauguin Gioconda gold gothic Goya Greuze Guernica guitar guns harlequins health high-renaissance Holbein horses human rights Hundertwasser hunting impressionism Ingres insects inventors Isabel I IYC J.L.David Jesus Christ joint issue Juan Carlos I judaica Klimt landscapes lions literature madonna Magritte mammals Manet mannerism maps marcophily maternity Matisse maximaphily Memling Miró Modigliani monasteries Monet monkeys monuments mosaics Murillo museums music musical instruments musicians mythology naive neoclassicism nobel prize North Korea northern renaissance nudes olympics oriental art overprint painting peace piano Picasso Pissarro poetry pointillism politics pope post-impressionism postal history postal stationery postman primitivism proofs railways Raphael realism red cross religion Rembrandt renaissance Renoir Ribera rococó romanticism Rousseau royalty Rubens sailboats sculpture sea life self-portraits Seurat ships Sisley Slania soccer specimen sports stained-glass stamp on stamp still-life summer sunflowers surrealism symbolism Titian Toulouse-Lautrec toys UNICEF uniforms UNO UPU US bicentennial Van der Weyden Van Dyck Van Eyck Van Gogh variety Vasarely Velázquez Venus Vermeer war Watteau writers youth Zurbarán

Every shipment will be done within the three following days immediately after payment. We will inform you of any possible circumstance that may cause unexpected delays. All orders equal or higher to 50 euros will be sent by registered mail.

The expenses for handling and shipment of our items will be based on the weight of each item or set of items. These fares are as follow:

Ordinary mail:

                                            0-50 Gr.            50-100 Gr.          100-500 Gr.        500-1000 Gr.        1000-2000 Gr.

Spain                                  1,00 Eur               1.50 Eur               2.50 Eur               5.50 Eur                6.50 Eur 

Europe                                2.00 Eur              2.75 Eur               6.50 Eur              13.00 Eur              21.00 Eur

Rest of the world                 2.50 Eur              3.50 Eur             10.00 Eur              22.00 Eur              38.00 Eur

Registered mail:

                                            0-50 Gr.            50-100 Gr.          100-500 Gr.        500-1000 Gr.        1000-2000 Gr.

Spain                                  5,00 Eur               5.50 Eur               6.50 Eur               9.50 Eur               10.50 Eur 

Europe                                6.00 Eur               6.75 Eur            10.50 Eur              17.00 Eur               25.00 Eur

Rest of the world                6.50 Eur               7.50 Eur             14.00 Eur              26.00 Eur              42.00 Eur 


Shipments can be insured at request , being the cost of it charged to the costumer. We wish to inform you that the price of an standard insurance amounts to 2 euros for each fraction of 50 euros of the total shipment's value.