Postage Stamps of:

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  1. Stamps and collections keeps its full right to cancel any sale if the payment for an item or items is not satisfied within the twenty days immediately after being ordered.

  2. The price of each item does not include expenses or fares for handling and shipment. These expenses and fares will be charged to the costumer.

  3. If a defect not mentioned in the description affects any of the exposed items, this could be returned within a period of fifteen days, extending it up to thirty days, in case that it is necessary to submit the item to the consideration and inspection of a Committee of Experts. Certification expenses will be in all cases borne by the purchaser. Stamps and Collections could take charge of the certification arrangements in courtesy attention to its customers, but never assuming the expenses of the above.

  4. Stamps and collections is not accountable and will not accept any responsibility for shipments being done by ordinary mail that eventually will be damaged or lost.

  5. Payments can be done with cash, through ordinary bank transfer and Paypal system. Stamps and Collections will not accept checks or money orders. Anyway we are open to consider any form of payment by contacting us using the contact link. All orders equal or higher to 50 euros will be sent by registered mail.

  6. Every shipment will be done from our address in Madrid. In case of loss of any registered mail, the Spanish postal service, Correos de España, is liable to a legal compensation up to 40 euros if the shipment will not reach its destination. Stamps and collections will not pay any additional compensation for shipments that exceed this value (40 euros) if they are no insured. Costumers must be aware that any formal claim to Correos de España can not be done before a month has elapsed from the date the shipment has been posted, and Correos de España has to confirm the loss first to issue the compensation and effect the payment, which may take between two and three months time.

  7. Stamps and collections has its fiscal address in Madrid, Spain. Therefore, any legal issue that may arise between Stamps and Collections and its costumers will be submit to the competence of the Spanish legal system and its courts of justice in Madrid. Purchasers expressly and voluntarily relinquish any other legal frame from the moment they accept the conditions here issued.

  8. These conditions come into force once Stamps and collections receives an order and are applicable throughout the transaction.